Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Eyes Are Useless if the Mind is Blind

The title of the post is about the assessment part of the final assignment. I've got some really wonderful pieces of creative work for evaluation. And I'll use this saying as a motto/guidance for appreciation of these artifacts. Looking deeper into the meaning which is behind the images is such an absorbing activity!

I had to make some short trips during the course. It was a unique experience because some of the issues were related to the themes discussed in EDCMOOC. It definitely deserves being described in a separate post.

… It’s been such a hectic schedule for me recently that I doubted whether I’ll be able to meet the deadline for the final assignment. My initial idea was not to submit anything:(
I decided to add my voice to the video to make it more personalized, thus reflecting the main message of the artifact: humans value real-life communication even if it happens via technology. I know that my pronunciation is far from being flawless, yet I hope it won’t prevent the viewers from getting the main idea of the video.
Being a teacher, I’m aware of great advantages of e-learning, but I’m sure that it will never substitute face-to-face instruction. The future of using technology for education depends on our ability to find the right balance between technology enhanced learning and human relations of teachers and students. My professional interest is blended learning. I try to combine the best features of traditional and online pedagogy. The greatest challenge is to create a productive hybrid of pedagogical design to help our students benefit from the latest achievements of technology without losing the sense of being human.
These four weeks of EDCMOOC were full of interesting events and thought-provoking information that I’ll have to digest later. The most significant part of my learning experience began two months before the official start date of the course when I joined the community of moocers/fraingers. I've learnt a lot with them and from them. Their support and encouragement are really invaluable. Now I have a clear idea about essential skills of cooperation students acquire through connectivism and collaboration and I'll try to apply some elements of these activities in my teaching practice.
I sympathize with those moocers who have to assess my work. I'm certainly not proud of it, but that's what I managed to produce.


  1. Hi Elena,

    I am glad you took time to make your artefact in the end! I enjoyed watching, and agreed with many of your points. You also introduced us to some new tools and ideas over the course. I always took a lot from your blog posts. Thanks for sharing. PS, your pronunciation was perfect!


  2. Hi Chris,

    This is so nice and kind of you as always! Thank you for your time that you spent watching my artefact and commenting on it! I want to let you know how important your support and encouragement meant for me during the course!I know I should have tried more and make my final work better.
    As I have announced one of my objectives was to feel what our students experience during the process of learning. So now I can say I understand them better. Then at least this goal can be counted as achieved.
    BTW, one of the reasons I was pressed for time was that I had to travel to the Visa Application Centre to apply for the visa to the UK (that took me four days!). I'm going to London in three weeks.
    re: P.S. Hope to make my pronunciation even better:)